Dispute Resolution

Service of litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution is a significant business for Shimin. Shimin provides effective dispute resolution plans for clients and represents clients in litigations and arbitration, and deals with types of disputes happening in the investment and management in China for clients including foreign investors and foreign-invested enterprises.

The professional legal service provided by Shimin in this field includes:
• Disputes with regard to investment joint capital for Sino-foreign ventures;
• Disputes between investors and the senior managers;
• Disputes with regard to contracts of trade, franchise, and loans;
• Disputes with regard to emergency happening in management of foreign-invested enterprises;
• Disputes with regard to intellectual property rights infringement and others, including trademark, copyright, patent, commercial secret and other disputes in the field of unti-unfair competition;and
• Common disputes with regard to product quality, labor, and the alike; support of evidence and investigation to the legal procedures conducted in other jurisdictions relating to Chinese affairs for multi-national corpoartions.