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Every candidate currently majoring in law or foreign languages in prestigious Chinese or overseas universities is welcomed to our trainee program, for both undergraduates and post graduates. Shimin is offering wonderful internship training and learning opportunities for law school and foreign languages school students who are efficiently qualified and could pass our election interview from Sep to May the next year.

As long as you are an excellent student both in character and scholarship who is currently studying in law or foreign languages, either undergraduate or postgraduate, you could apply for this program by fill the form” Shimin Trainee Program Application”. Students could hand on their application form by themselves directly or be recommended by the school or the school tutor. Shimin will choose a partner or experienced attorney as trainee tutor in charge of the studying and working during the trainee period.

Shimin trainee expert review group will be in charge of reviewing all the applications. The group will choose out the qualified candidates by reviewing their application form to take further exams which normally includes legal issues and foreign languages written tests and interview. The exact date of the exam will be notified by further notice. Shimin will offer efficiently qualified students opportunities to study and do internship in our law offices. We normally open 6 vacancies for interns and the internship period normally will last for one to three months. During our test and interview, attorney consciousness, dedication, foreign language level, concept of time, working efficiency and cooperation will weigh out more in our consideration.

Upon internship is finished, Shimin will make performance assessment on the basis of tutor’s opinion. Working opportunities after graduation will be offered to those promising interns.

Application scheme:
1.Sending application form (a recent photo attached) by email to Shimin Shanghai head office.
2.Once you are chosen to take interview, we will inform you the date and address for the interview by phone call or email.
3.Shimin also offer internship for students who major in foreign language in our Japanese and English translation group, which be handled with reference to the scheme mentioned above.