Trade and Customs

Since many foreign-invested enterprises are not familiar with Chinese customs governance system and related laws and regulations, they tend to suffer customs inspection, administrative punishment, and even criminal responsibility. Shimin has accumulated rich experience in the field of customs-related service and is capable of providing legal consultation for clients with regard to customs classification and valuation, rules of origin, licensing of importing and exporting, and processing and trading in bonded zone, and helping clients resolve problems due to customs inspection, in order to maintain clients’ legal rights and interest to the utmost.

The professional legal service provided by Shimin in this field includes:
• Providing legal service with regard to tariff payment;
• Providing legal service with regard to the legal liability due to incorrect classification code and the right measures;
• Providing legal consultation with regard to licensing of importing and exporting goods;
• Providing legal opinion with regard to problems occurring in daily operations in the special supervised zones such as bonded zone, export processing zones and bonded logistic zones and centers;
• Providing legal service with regard to common problems contrary to customs law such as illegal changing and domestic sales of bonded materials, false report of unit consumption, illegitimate disposition of the non-priced equipment
• Providing legal service during the customs inspection, unti-smuggling and other procedures when there is possibility of suffering customs administrative punishment or being transferred to judicial authority for criminal responsibility;
• Assisting clients in understanding customs laws and regulations correctly and improving awareness of risk-control for customs problems; and
• Assisting clients in conducting inner inspection of customs clearance, in order to find out potential problems and risks in time, and to suggest related prevention and resolutions, and to help clients establish and improve inner prevention and control system and governance system.