Shimin Global Industry & Investment Advisory

Shimin Global Industry & Investment Advisory (Shimin GIIA) is a leader in industry and investment analysis and business strategy consulting. We assist our clients to obtain the latest commercial and investment information, discover valuable business opportunities, and create the most effective approach for overcoming challenges and expanding operations. Operating on the same platform as Shimin Law Offices, Shimin GIIA has the capacity to provide a wide array of services, such as industry surveys, strategic planning, enterprise audit, investment management, and tax and legal advisory.

We combine our practical insight of industries, governments, enterprises, markets, sales, and after-sale services in proposing customized solutions to our clients and effectively communicating with different departments in our client organizations. Through this, we guarantee sustainable, long-term competitive advantages to our clients.

All of our consultants received systematic education in fields of commerce, law, or finance at prestigious institutions in China and abroad. In addition to rich local experiences, many of our professionals also have experience working in investment management and consulting firms in Japan and the U.S. At Shimin GIIA, we continuously seek ways to improve our specialized knowledge and constantly ask ourselves: “What is the added value of our services to the client?” Teamwork is highly valued because we understand that the power of cooperation is much stronger than fighting alone. Based on the principles of practice area specialization and complementary advantages, we assign professionals who are the most experienced in the related fields to each project. A working group lead by the most appropriate personnel is established for each project to ensure that the client receives customized response to their needs.

Over the years, Shimin GIIA has established close cooperative relationships with investment advisory firms, governmental organizations, and research institutions in China and abroad. Our International Project Cooperation Department (IPCD) utilizes the global resources and client network that our professionals have built over the years to initiate and enhance collaborations between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Building on our knowledge of commercial advisory, we are able to provide comprehensive services in the following areas:
• Industry research;
• Deal negotiations;
• Capital raising;
• Introduction of advanced technologies;
• Advising on China-related investment strategies;
• Management consulting;
• Matching foreign companies with Chinese business partners;
• Investor and M&A target search;
• Supplying information relating to Chinese commerce, law, and governmental policies;
• Conducting seminars for senior management of private enterprises and public institutions;
• Feasibility studies, negotiations, and project initialization; and
• Organizing inter-industry summit meetings to facilitate information exchange and networking.

Shimin GIIA is different from other consulting firms in that our services have the following advantages:
(1) Close cooperation among business professionals in China and abroad;
(2) Thorough comprehension of Chinese industries and companies, to the extent of not only knowing the results, but also understanding the reasons behind the results;
(3) Emphasis on truly understanding clients’ problems and finding practical solutions to achieving clients’ goals;
(4) Attention to details and pursuit of perfection;
(5) Comprehensive and accurate information collection through our broad network; and
(6) Strong tenacity in overcoming difficult problems and new challenges. We use these advantages to create the best approaches for achieving our clients’ objectives.

Shimin GIIA’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, as well as other large and medium-sized enterprises, economic institutions, industrial associations, public welfare organizations, and governmental entities. We serve clients in many industries, ranging from agriculture to environmental protection, from real estate to financial services. With our assistance, our clients have secured critical financing and technologies, improved management, and increased sales.

Since its founding, Shimin has always believed in the highest level of integrity, followed a people-oriented approach, and given back to the society whenever possible. We continue to follow the principle of “client first” in providing reliable and highly effective services.